How Lil Nas X used devil imagery to critique Southern Evangelical Christianity

Lil Nas X is facing a huge backlash from the Christian right in America this week, after releasing the video for his newest song “Montero (Call me by your name). In the video for the song, Lil Nas X dances on a stripper pole to hell, where he gives a lap dance to the devil before killing him and taking his horns, among other things.

The depiction of the devil in this story, and the “Satan shoes” that were released alongside it, has been read by many Christians are an endorsement of demon worship, which is consistent with their…

This week the NYPD showed off their newest technological abomination: A robotic dog designed to roam the streets and spy on citizens.

Pretty soon our streets will be swarming with robotic dogs surveilling us, all in the name of ‘security’ and ‘keeping the peace’ and other white supremacist dog-whistles. It’s only a matter of time before they arm these robots as well, then they can call the police killings “miscalculations” and never take any responsibility. …

You will be able to pay a monthly fee for YouTube Red to get most features back

After shutting down Google Music and pushing customers over to YouTube Music in September for no apparent reason, Google has decided to move onto their next shameless plot against their customers. This time they are targeting the oh so popular G Suite. Soon you will be forced to port your data over from G Suite to YouTube Suite, where you will have the opportunity to buy back features that were once provided at no charge.

“Our plan is to move every G Suite customer over to our new service in November,” explained a company spokesperson. “YouTube Suite only updates when…

Even the chain’s signature Taco’s are set to exit

Although Taco Bell has long been known for its experimental menu decisions, the restaurant chain’s latest move to suspend all their menu items is a spicy twist in what was already revving up to be an exciting fall filled with disappointment for all of their customers.

That’s right, in 2020’s latest twist of cruel fate, Taco Bell locations will be taking down their menus, and serving only prebrewed sweet tea and plain tortillas. …

Having good public relations doesn’t necessarily mean your company is a good company. However, regardless of your company’s “goodness,” good public relations are necessary to ensure the long term health of your organization.

Good PR is about both what companies say and what companies you do.

If you say the right things, but don’t actually follow up on those promises in your business, people will eventually get angry. For example, when Blizzard claimed to support free speech but punished Blitzchung for speaking out about the Hong Kong protests, the entire internet turned on them. …

Video games are a powerful storytelling medium. Games have the capability of delivering emotional and complex narratives that genuinely affect how players think about and live in the world. With such power, games also carry a responsibility. Especially when violence is concerned, it’s important that video games consider the full implications of their intentional and unintentional messaging. An increasingly prevalent issue within multiplayer games is the uncritical acceptance of war crimes as not only normal but a legitimate way to interact with the virtual world.

Players do not commit virtual war crimes on the online battlefield because they want to…

Since the dawn of time, humans have considered mouse and keyboard to be superior to controllers when given the choice between the two control systems. Mouse and keyboard offer superior accuracy, precision, and response time. The pantheon of gods have long scoffed at controller players, for console peasants do not understand the true gnosis of mouse and keyboard.

Now, a great evil force known as “aim assist” threatens to upset the balance created at the very start of our Universe, and it’s all Epic Games’ fault.

When I was in high school, circa 2008, the economy had just collapsed and…

Overwatch and Apex Legends have both received nominations for Outstanding Video Game at the upcoming 31st annual GLAAD Media Awards. Both games are esports, which means that their inclusive representations reach beyond the game into a community of competition. According to the GLAAD Media Award press release, the nominations represent excellence in presenting “fair, accurate, and inclusive representations of of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community and the issues that affect their lives.” GLAAD is the world’s largest LGBTQ advocacy organization.

These nominations represent an important mark to achieve for Blizzard, Electronic Arts, and the gaming industry as…

How the media got us addicted to suffering

In 1994, Baudrillard wrote a book called “The Illusion of the End” in which he denounced the manner in which western media covers war, violence, and disaster from around the world. Baudrillard argued that the media coverage of war, violence, and suffering is all part of the production of and alleviation of western guilt.

He called this twisted coverage and commodification of suffering Disaster Pornography.

Disaster Pornography and the Media

Most of us are familiar with the concept of pornography, at least sexual pornography: Images or media meant to titillate your arousal. …

So I finally got around to rewatching Hercules.


I finally rewatched Disney’s Hercules. I knew that it was an odd movie, but upon reexamination I can say: This is a very weird movie. Lets put aside the terrible animation quality, which was noticeably bad.

I have one big issue with this film. Hades is clearly supposed to be the Christian devil, and that is just not who Hades is in Greek Mythology. More broadly, this film is a Christian story driven by Christian values, not an ancient Greek story. That annoys me.

Note, this is not a comprehensive analysis of things Disney got wrong, but I do want…

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Media critique and memes. Writing about rhetoric and society. MA in Communication They/He

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