5 things we NEED to see in Overwatch 2

Aaron J. Alford
4 min readOct 21, 2019

Overwatch 2 is coming, if you believe the rumors. This past week, Metro_OW leaked that Overwatch 2 is going to be announced at Blizzcon on November 1st. Metro is known in the Overwatch community for accurately predicting future content, including accurately predicting last year’s announcement of Ashe at BlizzCon 2018.

For the sake of discussion let’s assume that Overwatch 2 is indeed going to be announced during Blizzcon this year. What new features, game types, and alterations would be dope to see in Overwatch 2?

Dedicated PvE co-op modes

In Overwatch 2, there should be a separate, well-supported mode dedicated to cooperating with your friends against AI bots. According to the leak, there will be something of this description, but who believes this nutcase? Anyway, back to my article predicated on his rumor.

In Overwatch, co-op is only featured as time limited modes connected to various events. These modes are fun and challenging, the only downside is that they are limited time and there are only a few of them available.

A PvE mode could offer casual gamers a reason to pick up the controller again, or at the very least provide an escape from the toxicity of competitive modes. Overwatch’s art style, characters, and story don’t inherently require hardcore competitive gamers. The game remains a heavily competitive shooter though.

This mismatch is leaving out a huge demographic of possible fans: casuals.

Casual fans might not play games as often. They may be uncomfortable playing online competitive shooting games, but they do enjoy playing games with their friends, completing objectives, and progressing in skill. These fans are just as legitimate as hardcore Masters ranked players, and it’s time for Blizzard to offer them a great experience, too.

Carry over cosmetics

Please do not make me unlock all my skins again. After all, many fans spent actual money to open loot boxes and get some of those skins. Taking those away or forcing us to re-unlock our favorite skins is a garbage take backsies move and is immoral by playground rules. I have been unlocking skins for four years now and I like the skins I have.

This feature would really help players who are on the fence about buying a new Overwatch game become comfortable enough to buy the game.

Better stats and a leaderboard

It is a well known fact that Overwatch has absolutely terrible stats that fail to convey important aspects of the game. I could (and will) write an entire article about Overwatch’s stats problem.

Overwatch lacks a leaderboard.

This is likely the case to encourage teamwork, but it actually turns players against each other. Players all feel like they are playing the best on the team and without a leaderboard who is to tell them they are wrong? This leads to everyone blaming everyone else and an all-around toxic experience. Give us a leaderboard so people can blame those who are actually responsible (probably the DPS).

On top of that, Overwatch’s stats are completely useless information that don’t indicate if someone is doing their job at all. How is there no “damage taken” stat for tanks? That’s their job! Why doesn’t damage to barriers get counted as damage anymore? It’s important to damage opponents but it’s important to break shields too!

Mei might have no medals and still be playing great and Moira might be entirely throwing and have gold medals. Before you give us a leaderboard you have to fix how you measure stats or the leaderboard will mean very little, much like gold medals now.

Custom colors

Y’all know how the Overwatch League has custom colors for each team?

Like this, see how Mercy’s beam and Brig’s shield are white

I am jealous of Overwatch League players for that feature. Their Mei walls match their unique colors, and I am over here with basic ass, blue, friendly Mei walls. I want purple walls, damn it. Please give us those cool client-side color schemes.

I would buy the game just for those.

At the very least, the Overwatch League skins should give you the option to also use their changed effect colors. Even if it’s just OWL team colors, I want it.

Nerf Bastion

I think in Overwatch 1, Bastion was a really terrible hero. If you have to keep him, nerf him. Here a list of nerfs I came up with, immediately after getting smashed by Bastions.

  1. Make Bastion boopable in bastion mode. Why can’t I boop him?
  2. Once in bastion mode, he stays there permanently. Choose your spot wisely, Bastion.
  3. If he is in turret mode, he can’t use voice lines. Shut the fuck up, Bastion main.
  4. Make it so that Bastion can’t reload. Once he is out of bullets, he is out.
  5. Bastion’s ultimate gets one shot. It’s a big shot, but only one.

Hopefully they will implement one, or all, of those nerfs.

Anyway, those are my top five ways to make Overwatch 2 better than Overwatch 1.

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