How Lil Nas X used devil imagery to critique Southern Evangelical Christianity

Source: MSCHF

Lil Nas X is facing a huge backlash from the Christian right in America this week, after releasing the video for his newest song “Montero (Call me by your name). …

Even the chain’s signature Taco’s are set to exit

Image courtesy of Taco Bell

Although Taco Bell has long been known for its experimental menu decisions, the restaurant chain’s latest move to suspend all their menu items is a spicy twist in what was already revving up to be an exciting fall filled with disappointment for all of their customers.

That’s right, in 2020’s…

Overwatch has a ton of great maps that are set all around the world.

Along with the amazing settings that they have created, the art design folks for Overwatch included a ton of amazing trees. In the past few weeks, various organizations and individuals have donated millions of dollars to plant trees around the world as part of the #teamtrees effort. …

Aaron J. Alford

Media critique and memes. Writing about rhetoric and society. MA in Communication They/He

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