It’s time for the Overwatch League to hire more women

Out of around 240 OWL players, only one of them is a female and 239 or so are men.

Women make up a large and silenced segment of the esports audience.

According to a Nielsen report , women make up as high as 25% of esports viewership.

Plenty of women gamers have the skills. They just aren’t being rewarded for them.

After the release of Overwatch, Geguri had an 80% win rate playing as primarily Zarya. Rather than celebrating her skills, many people — including professional gamers — accused her of cheating. She showed herself playing live to prove the haters wrong, but the point is that she shouldn’t have to deal with unwarranted accusations of cheating.

This stubborn refusal to hire women is a really bad look.

Overwatch League does, to be fair, have many wonderful women behind the scenes . However, there is still only one female player total and no female casters for the American broadcast. It feels unnatural for women to be entirely excluded from a supposedly co-ed space, especially with so many female fans watching.



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Aaron J. Alford

Aaron J. Alford

Media critique and memes. Writing about rhetoric and society. MA in Communication They/He