Making It (up as we go) Part 1: Golf Cart Ranger

The job doesn’t pay enough, and that’s why I can’t justify working there again, but damn it was fun.

Courtesy of Boone Golf Club

A brief work history


Stable Cleaner
Machine Shop Worker
Highschool Debate Coach
Sound Designer
Sound Editor
Video editor and Animator/Intern
Visual Media Director
Podcast Editor
Video Production Intern
Collegiate Debate Coach
Public Speaking Instructor
Communication and PR Assistant


Historical Actor (The “Mickey Mouse” of Dayton)
Golf Cart Manager
Dish Washer
Commercial Photographer (Briefly, video is king)
Collegiate Debate Coach (Again)
PR and Communication Manager
Graphic Designer
Landscaper… for one day
Temp in a shipping department
Esports Journalist
Commercial Video Editor and Animator

Golf Cart Manager

I learned 3 big lessons at the golf course

Interested in argumentation, critical theory, and resisting biopolitical organizations of power. Writing about rhetoric and society. MA in Communication They/He

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