Overwatch community really likes rape threats and it has to stop.

Blizzard has failed to build a safe and inclusive community, and its time for that to change.

Overwatch’s game chats and voice channels are filled with rape threats and sexual harassment against other players, and I am done. Many Overwatch players apparently feel comfortable and justified in dropping rape threats and sexually charged attacks on other players, and the responsibility for this lies on those gamers, the community who doesn’t call them out, and Blizzard who refuses to take any significant punitive action against players who engage in this harassment.

Fake inclusivity: Having a diverse collection of characters isn’t inclusive if diverse players can’t play safely.

I have noticed this a lot in video game communities. I believe that these rape threats are intentionally targeted at women to make gaming a safe space for toxic masculine dumpster fires, who would be fired from their jobs if their bosses saw what they said online. Chasing women out of video games through rape threats is so fundamentally wrong and evil. The normalization of this behavior really makes you question whether or not Blizzard even cares about diversity and inclusion, considering their abysmal track record within their own games. There have to be consequences, real world consequences, for this sexual harassment. If you want to claim to be diverse and inclusive, you have to provide a safe place for people to engage, otherwise you are just designing a diverse cast of characters for violent men and those who tolerate them.

I am looking at you Blizzard, I await your response (Or more likely absolute silence).



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Aaron J. Alford

Aaron J. Alford

Media critique and memes. Writing about rhetoric and society. MA in Communication They/He